Monday, May 26, 2014


So, I'm back from Vienna!  I have stories.  But I also have piles of laundry and jet lag is killing me worse here than it did when I got to EU - of course because I'm backwards and MY jet lag is worse going East to West- why?  I dunno, because I'm backwards.  That's all I've got.

BUT!  Just before we left, this happened:

Mike and Mom, Mother's Day 2014

Mike came over and made me Mothers Day breakfast and brought me a card and a gift!  SO GREAT.  That kid just makes my heart happy.  Ain't he handsome?

So I need to come back with a real post all about Vienna and how the people there are the fucking rudest people I have ever met (way worser than Paris) and how I walked 12 miles a day and still gained a coupla pounds, and pictures and a story about me almost being on an episode of Criminal Minds because I am stoopid, and also drama with Jeff's parents!  And drama with a coupla  ladies on the trip who are in their 60's but apparently Jr. Hi never leaves you.

So here is one more picture to keep you happy:
Sculpture from Upper Belvedere Palace, Vienna