Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!

I successfully let this blog flounder for all of 2017 - but it was a bad year anyway so any posts would have been whiney.  Here's how it went...

In April, I broke my foot.  Like, BROKE IT broke it.  I tripped while walking (on a sidewalk, not running, just walking.  You know, *graceful*) and ended up dislocating my entire big tow away from my foot.  I also broke it  - I had two plates and 11 screws holding it together.  I was consigned to bed rest because I absolutely had to stay off of it.  And it took 6 MONTHS to heal.
One plate and the 11 screws.  Pen added for size comparison
It wasn't the *best* of times.  I finally got a boot to wear and one of those knee scooters to use, so I could leave the house once in while.  Jeff had to come home at lunch every day to walk the dogs - it was a strain there for a while.  In October I had my second surgery to remove the hardware, and I've been relearning to walk ever since.  I'll never wear flip-flops again.

In the midst of all of that, we ended up having to put both our dogs down.  It was traumatic and so sad - they both were just very old and could no longer function well at all.  Charlie began to get aggressive, Fiona went blind and deaf, at any rate, it was a huge blow to lose them both.

We found out in August that Jeff was being hand selected for a job - a job that will be a big life changer for us!  We were told the paperwork was going through at thtat moment, and we should anticipate being in Maryland (again, yes) in November.  I quickly began packing up the house because I would need to get most of it done before my second surgery when I would again be on bed rest.  So, you see, my ENTIRE HOUSE has been packed since September.  No pictures on the walls, second bedroom furniture sold and gone, almost everything in the kitchen packed.  I've been living with one small frying pan and one small pot now for four months, along with a pile of cardboard boxes in my dining room.  Because, see - he IS up for this job, and the paperwork IS going through, but since it's the government the pace has been less urgent than we were given to believe.  Less RUNNING and more of a *stroll*.  Now it's January and we still haven't received the final offer letter yet.  My patience is running thin here.

And the capper of it all - Jeff's brother passed away just before Christmas.  From complications of cancer and all other manner of things.  We just buried him on December 27th.

It's been one shit show of a year.  *clink* here's to 2018, may it rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

So tell me, how did YOUR year go?

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Missing Years (now with more pictures)

I've been away from this blog so long - I quit for a mental health break and that went on for over a year! Here's what I've been up to since you saw me last:

First, because it's the biggest news, Mike and Sam got Married!  In September of 2016.
It was a beautiful wedding, they are madly in love.

In July of 2015 Jeff and I went to IRELAND boo yah! 

Blarney Castle, Ireland
We started in Dublin and stayed there for a couple days, seeing the sights.  Then we hopped on a 5-day bus tour of most of Ireland.  It was the best way of seeing as much as we could in our timeframe.  And boy, did we see a lot.

Ireland looks exactly like those calendars you get, you know the ones where you're thinking 'oh, the whole place cannot possibly look as wonderful as all that'?  but yep, it does. 
Village of Cashel, Ireland
We are planning on going back at some point because I cannot imagine not seeing it again.
Jeff and I, at the River Shannon
2016 was the year of a LOT of travel.  (2017 is the year of save some fucking money)

In July 2016 we went to Kaua'i Hawaii.  GORGEOUS.  However, Kaua'i is very rural, very quiet. 

Sunset on Poipu Beach, Kaua'i
We stayed at the Sheraton Kaua'i on Poipu Beach, and it was SO CLOSE to the ocean.  If you go I recommend you just go ahead and spring for the deluxe ocean front room because the sunset up there?  Was taken from our balcony. 
we did this tubing adventure but this is not my picture!
We floated down an abandoned sugar plantation's irrigation ditch, which was absolutely beautiful.  4 enthusiastic thumbs up for that.  We hung out in the hotel pool, rented a cabana for a day, took drives to see the scenery
View from Kaua'i lighthouse monument

It was very fun.  But next time, if there is a next time for Hawaii, we will go to Maui. You can't go wrong with any of the Islands is what I'm betting.

In early November Jeff had a business trip to Budapest, so I tagged along.  Brrrrr.  But beautiful.

Then for Thanksgiving in 2016 I went to go visit Mike and Samantha.  They cooked a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, we played games and Mike took me to a couple hiking spots where I did zero hiking (because mud) but we saw this waterfall

And we went on a nature hike and his roommate took this adorable picture of us

And that ends 2016.  I feel like I went all over the world lately.  2017 started out with a bang (literally, Mike got hit by a car and I just got back from 2 weeks more in Oregon helping to take care of him after surgery) and this year will culminate in a trip to Scotland (eeeeep!) - Jeff has another business trip so I will tag along and we will stretch it out for another week of sightseeing.

So now we're all caught up on ME, what have the rest of you been up to?  Any new news, any big happenings?  Any new run-ins with the narcs we all know and lurve?

Friday, February 24, 2017


is this thing still alive?  I just found my password, O frabjous day - anybody still around out there?