Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walter Elias

Walter Elias Disney, ambulance driver immediately after WW1

This is for Lisa, (where is your blog??!?) but it's only a teensy bit of what I would have to say on the subject.

My sister Anne came up with this theory a hundred years ago, and now MANY people have written about it.  But we saw it long ago...  There are never any mothers in Disney movies.  Not until lately, anyway.

Dumbo?  Mother IN JAIL that movie is so fucking sad I will never watch it.
Peter Pan?  He was the asshole he was because he had no mother.  (and Tinkerbell was a psychopathic killer, watch it again, faeries are MEAN)
Snow White?  Wicked step-mother
Cinderella?  Wicked step-mother
Alice in Wonderland?  No mother, her sister was taking care of her prior to rabbit hole incident.
Little Mermaid?  No mother
Finding Nemo?  No mother
Aladdin?  No mother
Jungle Book?  No mother, raised by animals
Beauty & The Beast?  No mother.  GIVEN TO A BEAST by her father.
Tangled I don't have to tell you why this movie is creepy.  Narcissistic mother like you wouldn't believe.

There are lots more movies, obviously - Cars, Toy Story, etc, that don't involve parents really.  In Lady & The Tramp the humans heads are cut out of the scenes! (except for the romantic spaghetti scene!)

This guy had some serious issues with mothers.  There is an absolute SHITLOAD of information about him on the web, but I think it's all been sanitized.  Someone once wrote a book "Behind the Ears" that is a pretty good read.  All of us who lived in the OC worked at Disneyland during summers (I marched in parades.  Don't judge me.) and we got some info that way.  But unless you really dig, you aren't going to hear much bad about old Walter Elias Disney.  I may dig, one day.

In keeping with honesty, there are *anomalies*
101 Dalmatians
(in both of these movies, the children have great mothers but get STOLEN and there is much drama getting them back)
Lion King <--JESUS STORY.  He disappeared for years, until shit was going down, and then he came back to rule.  HUH.  think about THAT.
Robin Hood BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER MADE hands down.  I could watch (and oh lord, I HAVE watched it) a million times.  The voice of the rooster is Roger Miller, of 'King of the Road' song fame.  This movie is just the best, 6 thumbs up.

There is a 'secret club' in Disneyland.  It's called "Club 33" <--remember how I have mentioned the number 33 before?  Yeah.  Illuminati.  33 Degrees of Illuminati levels.  Disney was one of the major players in that group.  Mind control and snuff films!

(from a crazy conspiracy website, you guys will think I'm INSANE!:  "The real money made by the Disney brothers in the 1930-1950’s came from the merchandising of Disney products, the production of underground hard porn, and the kickbacks from various groups which used Disney for mind-control programming, and money laundering."

If this picture doesn't creep you out, you ain't got no soul  I MEAN SERIOUSLY how is this a coincidence??

 "Club 33" has an entrance in New Orleans Square, I've spent time and looked for it and found it.  It isn't 'hidden', but it's not obvious in any way:
Just the plaque with the '33' on it gives it away. 
(NOT my picture, ganked from Google Images)

But I personally have never been in.  It's FANCY.  The membership is extremely difficult to get, just look at this page for the procedure.  And they don't tell you the cost.  It's an enormous cost.  In 1995 it was $20,000.  That allows a corporation to designate 9 associate members.  THEN the corporation has to pay $5,000 per year to keep the membership, and ALL associate members have to pay $3,750 per year.  That was in 1995.  so, yeah.

Also, that price just gets you membership.  You still gotta buy dinner - kids meals are $59 per.  I ...  this sort of elite-ism makes me feel creepy.

Huge corporations purchase memberships, and then if they're lucky they can pay to have their Xmas parties there.  I have heard stories of a 'friend of a friend' - but I have never seen inside.  Let me just say, I lived and worked within 10-miles of Disneyland for over 25 years.  It's so exclusive, I never heard from anybody who actually got in.  There are pictures posted to the interwebz of course.

From their fucking website: 
"When one mentions Disneyland, one thinks of welcoming smiles, warm greetings, and in general, a cast of crew members willing to do anything to help a guest. When proper channels have been observed, Club 33 offers such warmth and hospitality. If however you merely knock upon the door or call them asking for certain favors, please do not get emotionally hurt or take their refusal personally if they cannot comply. The club is quite secure and procedures are strictly followed. It would be best to avoid the hurt feelings or embarrassment and follow the club's rules as set forth. Please remember, this is an extremely exclusive club."
Translation:  lah de fucking dah - don't knock, we ain't answering and we will strong arm you if you get fussy with us.

Want to make reservations?  Don't go to the website
Please accept our most sincere apologies, but we cannot assist or procure dining reservations. Reservations may only be arranged via a current Club 33 member.
We receive an extremely large number of e-mails asking for reservations for special occasions, but sadly we're not able to assist. We realize your event or reason for dining at the club is very special but as this is not an official site of Club 33 please do not place us in the position of having to refuse your request.

If you need to contact the club please do so in writing or via phone. We are not allowed to give out any direct access phone numbers or contact names, please do not ask.
If you have reservations to the club and have any questions regarding such engagement, please contact the member under who's name such reservations were arranged. They will be able to answer any questions you may have or obtain such answers as required.
Again, we apologize for not being able to assist, but the guidelines of the club are strictly adhered to."

Holy crap.  Us riff raff ain't getting in.  No 'Tropical Forbidden Black Rice' for us.

Pictures of the head of Mickey Mouse are hidden all over the park.  Like, in the old Monsanto ride, one molecule was situated to resemble the head and ears.  They are stamped into the concrete, molded into the sides of buildings, in the fireworks.

It's a whole THING to find them all.  People are crazy about Disney.

Lots of people try and dispose of human remains (ashes) in Disneyland.  (Did you know the park has its own police force?  Not part of Anaheim PD, oh no.  Fully staffed, fully armed.  Also its own fire department.  This place handles 'incidents' on their own, to keep stuff out of the press.  Very contained, this place.)  Anywhoozle, yeah - people try and sneakily spread ashes on the rides, like Haunted Mansion.  HOWEVER, us kids have known since time began that Disney has the absolute BEST in security camera hardware/software.  This guy had access to military and Hollywood magic.  Our PE teacher (Mr. Zircle!  *sigh* I was in Jr. hi, he was so handsome!) and our choir teacher (don't judge me) both worked there in the summers, and they both said basically, don't do anything on those rides that you wouldn't want your mother to see.  Smoke a joint, blow job, whatever - they SAW it and in some cases (drugs) recorded it.  SO:

You stealthily sneak your dead aunties ashes into Haunted Mansion.  You wait till the part she JUST LOVED and you craftily sneak your hand to the side, *sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle* Uh, they see you.  THEY STOP THE RIDE.  They "escort" you off, and into the 'security area' (I have never been there!) and OUT of the park.  They press charges.  They call a hazmat team, close the ride, and have to clean it up to CSI specs.  Like, no shit that stuff ain't funny, and they aren't fooling around.

Much like the casinos in Vegas, you are having fun because they say you can.  You are being filmed everywhere.  Every ride, every inch of outdoors, everywhere.  They're better at hiding the cameras because HOLLYWOOD.

Yeah, creepy but I'm sorta talking outta both sides of my mouf.  Because I really like Disneyland.  Those parks are the CLEANEST you will ever find.  They STEAM CLEAN the sidewalks every night.  (Mike's dad worked there for about 4 years doing soils testing for new construction I think Toon Town, and he told me that) (I'll have to get a direct quote from him) (when I say we all worked there at one time, I ain't just whistling Dixie).  If there is say, a child abduction in the park?  Good luck, criminals.  They have almost more undercover cops than actual guests.  They are very well trained, they shut down the exits (there are only TWO public entrance/exits, the main pedestrian one and then the monorail one) and they go to work.  Next time you're at a Disney park, make a game of noticing how many people have those Secret Service curly ear wires going on.  It's uh - disconcerting.

They have the 'line' thing down PAT.  Waiting in line is long, but sort of fun because they do what they can to keep you entertained.  The rides are designed to KEEP MOVING.  (except the carousel and Dumbo, avoid those rides the lines suck)  Every time I hear (on sports radio god my ears are bleeding JEFF) how a stadium has horrible parking clogs, or lines, or bad bathroom situations, I just yell at the radio "go to the source!  Why reinvent the wheel?!  DISNEY is the expert, go to the park for one day and then copy everything they do!!"  It would be like opening a fast-food restaurant - go to McDonald's, copy everything they do, and then do that. Lines, food timers, image, (food taste?  maybe the french fries)

There are bathrooms everywhere.  They are always clean.  There is almost NEVER a line, and for a ladies room, that right there is a fucking miracle.  There are people sweeping up everywhere.  They empty the trash cans into these cute covered carts (don't want people to see the trash!) and whisk it away.  They are SO good at hiding the bad stuff!  You will never hear the freeway or see the parking lot until you get OUT of the park.

All of the trashcans are painted to match that area of the park, like bamboo for near the jungle ride, vines for near the Alice ride.  Lookit this trashcan!  This kind of stuff makes me cry - Disney does this stuff (IMAGE) very well.  This trash can 'Push' is so famous!!

The landscaping inside Disneyland it a sort of arborists dream.  Lots of jungle examples, desert plants, etc.  The trees and plants are labled with plaques.  They planted marigolds everywhere there is water (like by where the steamboat goes by) because it is a natural mosquito repellant.  There is no place for anyone to hide in the bushes.  They plant low plants, or very tall trees.  There aren't any scrubby areas for you (or your backpack) to be hidden.

The streets surrounding Disneyland in the 70's were full of 50's motels (Peter Pan Motel!  Heidi Motel with fake snow on the roof!  Hundreds of motels) that were by then falling down, and were a haven for drugs and prostitution.  It was a very bad place.  Everyone knew you didn't go to Anaheim, especially not around Disneyland.  Unless you wanted to score.

The Disney corp partnered with the City of Anaheim, and gave them GABILLIONZ of dollars.  (there was a voting 'measure', and it passsed, but it was well known that Disney money made it happen and they 'helped' pick the contractor who won the bid) In return, Disney got to rename a couple of city streets, and received a dedicated 'freeway exit',

And made the requirement that ALL business in the surrounding I dunno, 5-mile blocks?  make their signs all the same.  This is what Harbor blvd. looked like in the 70's, up until the improvement:
And then after Disney pumped money into it:
(not the exact same place, but you get the idea) this area is GORGEOUS now.  Still a tourist trap, but beautiful.

All (every. single. business.  Motel, liquor store, restaurant, tee shirt shop) was forced to change their signs to this standard.  Same height, same shape, same except for corporate logos.  No neon, nothing blinking.

SANITIZED.  And clean.  And (perception, anyway) much safer.  A place for families (gag).  AN IMAGE.  they are the best at the image.

However creepy I think the guy was, I TOTALLY love what he's done to the place.  And the Disney experience.  Except for all the people and crying kids.  <--I KNOW what can I do I'm an asshole.

**and that was the teensy bit I had to say.  Imagine what would happen if I got all serious about this subject.  GOOD GAWD**


  1. I am envious of your skills at research and general bad-assedness. I love reading your posts and your theories. A lot of this makes sense.

    I've got a book you might be interested in reading: The Family, by Jeff Sharlet. I first heard about the book and the author on Maddow. It's seriously mind-blowing.

  2. I've never been because I got dragged cross country on a "Family Trip" that included Disney Land at the ripe old age of 4. Remember, "See the USA In Your Chevrolet?" Well, it wasn't a chevy. I was a VERY active 4 yr. old. My favorite song/motto was "Don't Fence Me In." So this trip was a disaster: No AC in vehicles, endless driving across the Plains, crossing the desert at night and still got 3 flat tires, I got lost in Calif. when my 6 yr. old NSis was left to "watch" me (my first ride in a cop car), painted polka-dots on my Aunt's little ankle-biter dawg with "mommy's" bright red lipstick while the adults were again gone, had Dad threaten to give me away to the other Indians at some big state park just as one came around the corner, made friends with the Indian kids and danced with them at some big Lodge and told 'em I was movin' in, stuck in the back seat with my NSis pinching and poking cross country and back, Dad trying to teach Psychob how to pass tractor trailers on those 2-lane only interstates and her howling and screaming as we were headed for yet another semi head-on, peed on the sides of innumerable roads and barely remember Disney Land because I wasn't into being a "Princess." Nsis was in rapture.
    The next summer I got shipped off to summer camp several states away at 5 while the parents "did Europe" for the summer. Pay-back's a bitch. WHO in their right MIND would confine an active little kid-who got car sick with depressing frequency-for weeks in the back seat of a non-airconditioned vehicle at the height of summer with an older Marquessa-De-Sade sibling and drag them from the East coast to the West coast and back?
    Great research, Gladys. Sorry I never got excited about Disney World after my "Introduction" to the first one-not good!

    1. TW - jeebus I am dying laughing here!! That car trip reminds me of all the car rides I had to take with my 5 older sisters. No AC, vinyl seats, UGH!! I'm surprised you made it. Love the indan dancing thing too.

      I liked Disneyland because it was such a fantasy. Everyone is happy. People listen to you. But I always saw the behind-the-scenes stuff. Looking where I wasn't directed to look, etc. So I know about the bad stuff, and still like that the park is clean. I am my own dichotomy!!

  3. Hi Casey,
    I deleted my blog. I am done with that ACON shiiit!
    Haha Disneyland. I've seen and heard a lot of Disney movies recently because my landlady and her daughter watch a LOT of Disney movies downstairs. And I was like, "Damn these movies have a lot to do with mothers." I don't really think of it as coming from Walt Disney because he had so many mother issues. I just think it's sort of a statement that, yeah, for kids, so much of childhood is about your mom and I think the movies reflect the complicated relationships in simple ways.
    One thing that bothered me was how I couldn't understand what they were trying to say. Like the evil mom ALWAYS turns out to be a step-mom, like Tangled which they showed me downstairs recently. So that supposed to be relief for the kid? Their mom doesn't actually hate them because their mom's their step-mom! And when the mom is real and loving, she's dead and in the past. Like that's not how it happened at all. You know, how does it make sense that Ariel's dad is this total jerk at the beginning, and then by the end, he is this totally different person? All nice and truly caring. Like the movie transforms people.
    To me, I think then that movies reflect people's complicated relationships with their mom. The bad parts are when the mom was a bitch, and the good parts are what they hoped to see, wish they saw, imagined, or believe is there, even when it might not be. It reflects their dreams and their wishes. And in a way, I think they're like dreams, in that people transform in them. Moms turn into to other people, a voice talks through your mom's mouth, people turn into other people.
    And finally, when it turns out that your mom wasn't evil, it was just a step-mom who hated you, or that your mom is dead but that's okay because she really loved even though if she loved you so much, she probably wouldn't have gotten herself so killed, it's a way for people to stay in dream world. It's a dream. They can't say reality, the fact of it. The opposite is true. Your mom or whoever represents that in your life actually was evil. She didn't actually magically love you while she was dead or while she was hitting you. But Disney movies can't say that. They never say that...
    because they wouldn't exist, the whole story wouldn't exist and play out like that if it wasn't for the dream.

    1. I'm a mom. I love my son. He loves me. We don't have a complicated relationship. I'm not evil.

  4. That's why it's a movie and not real life.

    I think the whole idea of mother love is a myth. It's a powerful myth because it needs to cover up a very big evil. Mother love is said to be so powerful because it needs to cover something that's equally true in the opposite way. Mother's love is so strong it actually covers how evil it is. People hang onto their mothers because people tell them about mother's love, so they believe that their mother must love them, somewhere deep down in that tiny little thing where she hit you or criticized you or said no to something or didn't like something about you and thus deemed it bad, or disciplined you, the bad side of you, they believer there must be one tiny central atom of that mother's love at the center.

    There's nothing bad about the myth though. The mother as an ideal is very strong, but it's the same thing with Jesus. Now that I think about it, I think Mom is God, and Jesus is her son. They talk about feminism, but really God is Mom, and Jesus is the reactionary son born from her in the name of ..male-inism. The Jesus ideal is the Mom ideal in male form. And I mean I don't really care about the history or the technical "facts" about the real Jesus or what the Bible says. I'm interested in what Jesus means to the people who believe in Him.
    Jesus is selfless, Jesus is kind, Jesus loves you, Jesus is understanding, honest, believes in you. Jesus sacrificed himself for you.
    I love that ideal of Jesus, and I love that ideal of Mom.
    So I say that I believe that mother's love and Jesus don't exist,
    but I believe that they do. There's something in people that they know that this idea exists, whether you're male or female, that makes them project it onto other people whether it's Mom or Dad or Jesus or God or someone, the idea exists.
    It exists to them.

    1. It isn't just a myth. Mother love exists. Please don't paint all of us with your mother's brush.

      Being a mom is the most amazing thing I've ever done. A mother's love IS powerful. You only have the perspective of being a child with a mother, not from being a mother with a child.

      I talk about my kid often here. He is linked on my sidebar. He talks about me on his blog. We're pretty close.

      I'm offended. You came to my blog and spit on me. I understand you're hurting. But I don't appreciate this one bit.

  5. Gladys, I went to DisneyWorld in 1986, at the age of 20, with a boyfriend-at-the-time whose lifelong dream was to see the place. I have never hated anyplace more...and I live in the Washington DC suburbs, so I know from soulless and crappy!

    Back in the day, I realized Disney was the most consumerist place on earth, and from what I gather, it's only gotten worse. Want to get in? Take out a loan. Want a drink of water? Sell a pint or six of blood, 'cause otherwise you can't afford it. Want to do anything besides stand in endless lines in the blazing sun? You're SOL--why did you come? And it was phony, phony, phony.

    As an ACoN, I see now that I saw right through the fake nicey-nicey exterior to the greedy, grasping soul.

    1. Yeah, the waters cost about $5!! I know, it's a very grabby place. You can't buy anything in that place that DOESN'T have the Disney logo on it.

      They hire the very best - engineers, safety, artists (they call them 'Imagineers'). Software developers, space planners, set designers (for the rides) - it's all to fool the eye.

      It isn't a bargain, but it IS clean. I grew up going to Disneyland at least 2X a year (NEVER with parents, they would drop us off and the come get us when the park closed at midnight) and I just have a soft spot for the place I guess.

      even though Disney was into snuff films and mind control. :)

    2. Gladys, I'm glad you had a nice place to escape the parents. I'm sure compared to your daily home life, Disney was a magical place. When I lived in southern California, I found other places much more satisfying and pleasant--the Redwoods, Monterrey, pretty much anything in San Diego.

      A friend's husband (computer programmer) worked for Disney films and said it was the most horrible slave shop he ever had the misfortune of working in. They would also lay off several times a year.

      As for my experience at DisneyWorld in Orlando, all I can say is it may have been clean, but the local parks near me--Hershey Park, Kings Dominion, Six Flags, Dutch Wonderland, Sesame Place--are all clean and much, much less greedy and soul-sucking.


  6. I truly love my daughter and would lay down my life for her if necessary. I don't know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that kind of love but I definitely know how to dish it out.

  7. Disneyland was where my mother pitched her infamous fit until my father took us all back to the car and we left.

  8. I wonder if I would feel more like Lisa if not for my grandmother. She was me and sis's real mother. I have two step daughters. My relationship with one is strained but I still care for her.
    With the latest turn of events my memory of my grandmother is becoming tarnished. Only because she was one of the major contributors in never keeping my mother in check. The whole family just stepped aside and let me and sis bear the full brunt of this psycho. Just because it was easy.

  9. It seems that Disney strikes a very strong chord in a lot of us, good and bad.

    My point of the entry was more about the weird stuff regarding Disney and the park, but it's been interesting to read what is bubbling to the surface.

    Again, I find myself feeling lucky for the parents I had, and for the fact that I DIDN'T have parents like some of y'all. Your stories are so horrifying.

  10. Yeah but mine is so bad I can recognize how abhorrent her behavior was. Disney was just Disney. Even now. I ended up going to Disneyland when I was 15.
    I do think Lisa was out of line though. She can get wound up but she can do that on her own blog. It might be hard to tell but I temper my remarks on the blogs of others. I am a guest and if I am pushing the envelope I know it is in a way that won't disrespect the blog owner. Like you.
    I can usually count on a picture of you showing a little leg every third or fourth post.
    I am disappointed that the frequency is dropping.