Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's 'Just A Dinner In Uncomfortable Clothes' time!

It's busy around here, I'm sure it's the same with all of you.  Even if you aren't having the traditional turkey dinner thing, there is the 'getting ready for winter' thing, the 'decorate for Yule' thing.

The 'try and shop for paper towels while the rest of the world is stocking up on chicken broth and boxed stuffing' thing.

This was taken yesterday while I was walking at Pacific Beach.  It was about 70 degrees and a little breezy.  Yeah I know - remind me of this picture next summer when I hate San Diego again.
If you are ever coming to visit Southern Calif, do it in October/November.  The place is deserted and still warm and gorgeous.

That's the path that goes for about 4 miles right there.  Usually FILLED with bikes and weirdos with parrots on their heads.  Still, the scent of some pretty good weed found me 3 or 4 times along that walk :) 

PEACE.  That's what I'm trying to convey here.  Peace.  Tis the season when the narcs come out to play, as some in our group are finding out already.  So, try and find the sunshine wherever you are, try and wrap yourselves and your families in tranquility.
Doesn't my life look so peaceful?  lol - the hot mess portion of the program is easy to filter out for a blog post.  So, because I love you, here is the actual picture from yesterday that shows the real ME:

Happy Turkey Day y'all.  I'll be at the MRSA Castle, battling skin diseases and blood infections and talks about bowel movements.  I'll actually be running out for 'things I forgot' and walks around the block.  Mike has graciously decided to be with me because he knows he needs to keep an eye on my CrAzY level and get me in a choke-hold if necessary.  So that'll be nice.

PEACE.  My wish for you and yours.  From this stupid fucking family dinner in uncomfortable clothes.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Gladys! Good luck to ya!

    Funny, but that beach was a place I visited with NSIS and NM back in the day. She had insisted on a "girls' trip" to San Diego when sis and I were in our mid-twenties. It was a God AWFUL trip, full of screaming and fighting (as usual). But I do remember a moment with NSIS of fun on that beach. We were out really far in the waves. It was still shallow (up to our chests) and we are relatively good swimmers. And we were TWENTY-something. And NM, back on the shore is screaming and jumping and hollering for us to come back. We laughed and laughed and kept heading out further into the ocean..... I'm sure there is some symbolism there somewhere. Anywhoo (as you say), I ended up really sunburnt and puking all night from being overheated. And I never went on another "girls' trip" again (wised up, I did!).
    The beach still looks wonderful, though. And so do you. Take a nice walk for me. It's a balmy 30 degrees here.

  2. Do NOT go to the store unless you have to go and if you have to go be afraid be very afraid.

  3. "Enjoy" somehow doesn't "fit." How 'bout "Survive?" Yeah, that sounds better. Why do you have to dress up to go to the Infectious Disease Incubator? Can't you at least wear scrubs (instead of the Haz-Mat suit)? The IL's really like the looks of 'em, you can Halo Effect the hell outta that outfit and you'd at least be able to burn the remnants in effigy-Unless there's a "Burn Ban."
    Damn, all's I have to worry about is the weather. I'd love to see a day like that picture. sigh. Instead it's "Look out your window: You will have ice. Then you will have a foot of wet heavy snow, then more ice and then the light, fluffy stuff with winds up to 50 mph and temps in the single digits that will ensure the wet, heavy stuff under there will turn into concrete."
    OTOH, if I have power, I'll be one lucky old lady-and so will a buncha other people. Mike is your "Mental Health Minder?!" Sweett!! ;) You're in great hands, Gladys-can't wait to read the After Action Report!

  4. Hoping it's quick and relatively painless!

  5. So how'd it go? Are you hosing yourself down in the drive way?

  6. (Maybe she's taken up residence in a negative air flow room?