Thursday, December 12, 2013

♪ A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown! ♫

HEY yo.

Who knows what this is?
Here's a hint:  "But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past,  There must have been a moment of truth" 
MAYBE you need another hint.
FA!  a note to follow SO!

Guess what.  The next Giant Meeting Of Government Contractors is going to be in MOTHER FUCKING VIENNA!  *ahem* I prolly should say it with prettier words because LORD that place is beautiful.

I am blown away.  Do you guys know how lucky I am?  I've been to freaking PARIS.  I went to Sweden.  Now I (might) go to Vienna.  VIENNA.  I have so much reading to do!  I know there was a gorgeous opera house.  It was (is?) a Monarchy, so there are castles to visit.  There are Vienna Sausages to eat.  It was home to FREUD, for chrissakes.  For a confirmed romance-novel-junkie like myself, this is the place where the upper crust went to balls and met their various Lords and Barons.

NOT TO MENTION, the Von Trapp Family home.  Do you know that story is real?  They really did flee the Nazi's and they ended up in Vermont, where you can go stay and hear all the family (new and whats left of the original) sing.  (Turns out the real Maria was a horrific bitch, who's surprised...)

I'll be researching.  I'll be reading and spreadsheeting and planning.  I'll have about 10 days mostly to myself to wander all over Vienna and Salzburg and wherever else I want to go.  Europe has the (hands down) BEST public transportation, and I have no fear.  I will walk and train ride and bus ride and be exhausted and holy cats y'all - VIENNA.

We aren't even sure Jeff is going to be going.  But I have confidence!
*my sisters are going to be SO JEALOUS!!  I am going to sing every damned song from that movie with GUSTO.  heh, I bet THAT's never happened in that town..*


  1. Ohhh! I have hope as well-for the trip. Confidence in you? Unshakable. Remember the conference you survived-despite the dinner? A classic! It helps to get out of Dodge to view Dodge through the eyes of (a whole world) others. Is this an imminent event or about how much lead time will you have for confirmation?
    The Von Trapps/Maria: Don't s'pose you'd have done some research, huh? ;) Their "Lodge" in Vt. does quite the business, especially this time of year. Yk, you *could* fly into Burlington from out west and stay overnight before departing the US-just a thought. But it's COLD here, Gladys so....I dunno if you kept any of your heavy-duty winter "stuff" but you'll need it for sure.
    So please fill in ze details when ya can, 'K? WOOT!!!

    if you have time check this out.

  3. OOOH, I love Vienna! I hope it works out for you!
    What I wouldn't give to go back and visit Europe again. A couple of more years and then I'm packing up the kiddos for Ireland (I've been but can't wait to take the boys.)
    Can you visit any other countries while you are there? Bavaria in Germany is beautiful and "fairy tale" and awesome too. A day trip or so away. One of my favorite castles is Neuenschwanstein Castle. The old guy who built it walked out behind it and drowned himself in a lake (right up your alley?).
    And don't cha wish the US had transportation like Europe? Wouldn't that be lovely?