Wednesday, October 29, 2014

♫ Kick it real good ♪

From a story in People magazine (cracker-jack reporting you know):

"In a gruesome scene seemingly straight out of a Halloween horror movie, a man beheaded his mother Tuesday night, dragged her body out of her Long Island, New York, apartment, and kicked her severed head down the street before jumping to his death in front of a moving train."

OH MY GOD hahahahahahaha Y'ALL SERIOUSLY.

Kicked.  Her severed head.  DOWN THE STREET.

Remember my story about how I used to make sure I stepped on every crack, every line, and chanted that rhyme about 'step on a crack, break your father's back' etc"?  yeah.

How jealous are you of this guy right now.  Well, I mean besides the facts that 1. he was 35 and still living with that whore and 2. he was driven so bat-crap crazy by this bitch that he committed suicide, so was unable to celebrate even 5 fucking minutes of freedom.

But other than that?  yeah.

"Derek Ward, 35, killed his mother Patricia, a 66-year-old professor, and then committed suicide, according to the Associated Press. He had a history of psychiatric problems."

She was a professor.  Imagine the magnitude of her narcissism.

Yes, yes - it's possible that I am taking this the wrong way.  But there are gabillions of commenters on that story taking it the OBVIOUS direction.  I think we all know there is a big possibility that the plot MAY be direct from the Narc Playbook.

Here's to you, Derek Ward.  Here's a beer in heaven for you.  I hope there's a hammock and large breasted women there too (or muscly men, if that's what you're into).  I'm just sorry it took you so long, and that it took your life too.


  1. He probably committed suicide because he figured she'd come back to haunt him. Hope they didn't both go the "wrong" way and he ends up spending eternity with roasting marshmallows.

    1. I know. But if there is a God/Godess/Superior Being in the afterlife, maybe he finally gets a little peace.

      What a gruesome and time consuming way to kill someone. Speaks of all-consuming RAGE to me. Poor guy.

  2. Well, I'm sure there's more than a few of us who've entertained similar ideas but that doesn't mean we act on them. I guess we're not motivated enough to go to prison for them and if we kill ourselves, they win. So yeah, I bet THAT was messy. And heads are heavy-even when they appear to be empty. I wonder if he was into soccer? Maybe he was a bowler, eh?! Nah, too blue collar for a "professor's" son. I guess he just got tired of her lectures.

    (Yes I know-If there were Thought Police I'd be doing' Life Without Parole!)

    1. right TW - as far as any of you have been pushed, and some of you have been pushed SO FAR - none have gone to that extreme. I can't imagine how awful his life was, and how broken his brain was, that this way out sounded like the ONLY way out.

      Glad to see you here I've missed you!