Sunday, March 24, 2013

San Dog

We made it!  10 days.  10 different beds.  I have no idea what the world even looks like without bug guts all over it (from looking through my windshield)

Typing here from a suites hotel in San Diego, because our apartment isn't gonna be ready until April 8th.  At least this one has a mini kitchen so I don't have to eat fast food.

I'm not feeling particularly TALKY this AM.  I'm discombobulated and my doggies are freaked out a bit, we can't find the second set of our car keys ETCETERA.   But we're here.

Mike is currently ensconced on the sofa bed in my hotel room with his girlfriend - we went out to dinner last night and then watched 13th warrior (which was good, I mean Antonio Banderas, but also squishy and a bit bloody) and then I guess I'm taking them out to breakfast this morning because that's what mom's do.  He's happy we're home.  we are SO HAPPY to be home.

Q - so glad you're getting better.  Send a picture of your beautiful shaved head?  Sorry I missed you and sis at the Topless Tequila Tits and Testicles Bar I found, you would have loved it.  Post an update as soon as you can, we'd like to hear your side of brain surgery.

Sis, come back too!  We miss you too!


  1. Glad to hear ya made it, Gladys! Kudos on finding a good place to move into so quickly as well. I lived in a Hotel for ~3 mo. when I made the trek south to participate in the Medical Clinical Trial before I closed on a house-and promptly "flunked out" of the Trial the same day.
    It does suck living outta a suitcase: It's pack/unpack, rinse and repeat. I really missed my own cooking and being surrounded by my own "stuff." (<Here we go again, eh?!) Don't care how nice the restaurants or the room/suite is, it isn't "home."
    Can't wait to hear your "Road Stories" as well as news about your new place. And yep, Mike most surely is closer! I bet you're just beat though.... Is DH working already?

  2. Glad to hear from you and see you are safe and sound!