Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't rattle the serial killer's cage

The following was written by a friend of mine, in an email to me.  I obtained permission to post it on my blog.  Enjoy:

One of the things anonymous commenters lose sight of over here is that they are pestering a guy whose childhood was eclipsed and saturated by the thoughts and deeds of a homicidal maniac. Over the years I spent a lot of time in the hood and never so much as had as much as a single instance when I was in fear of just about anything. Not from crips or bloods or coke dealers because anybody looking on could see I was just a skinny white kid  passing through. Not to say I went there LOOKING for trouble and counting on my skylarking demeanor to keep me safe from a bunch of gun toting coke dealers. If I was looking for trouble I would have found it. I still don't look for trouble in or out of the hood. When I say trouble I don't mean pissing off some rich kid who is listens to rap music as he rolls up the windows in his BMW when he drives down Martin Luther King Boulevard. I mean real trouble, not a bunch of pussies hiding behind anonymity on the net  With a  mother like mine trouble found me on it's own. Anonymous posters forget about the little things that add up to a long and healthy life. Things like not pissing on electric fences, and telling the cop asking you to say your abc's backwards that he should fucking do it. And I don't pester people who I am clueless about their true nature about being a pussy. None of you know who I  really am. Most of the people that think they know me have a pretty good idea of what I am really about. But all they KNOW for sure is what I tell them and what I tell them is my mother was responsible in one way or another for more than one death. Isn't that enough?  I joked in my comments section about having a shrine of severed heads in my closet and who knows? Maybe I am joking and maybe I ain't.
Is this me?
Dennis Rader booking.jpg
Or this?
One of the common denominators about homicidal maniacs is our advertising budget is non existent. That and one of our parents was a homicidal maniac. It's hard getting the word out for new customers. Anon's seek me out and graciously provide me with an Isp #  One out of two is a bigger chance than I would be willing to take. So!
What'll it be? 

This blog is for entertainment purposes only - any resemblance between me and a garden variety killer is purely a coincidence. 


  1. Yeah I hung around some murderers in jail but it wasn't my first choice and I damned sure didn't antagonize them

  2. I walked through gang central to get to Jr. Hi every day for 3 years. The part of Orange County, CA that I grew up in wasn't what you see on TV. Mexican gangs were just getting a big push in that area and F-Troop was king of the hill. I got out of having to fight because I looked like I had already been beaten down. I had nothing those guys OR girls wanted (the girl gang bangers are more deadly than the men, just FYI anyone) and get this - THEY FELT SORRY FOR ME. I looked and felt like hell, it came off of me in waves. Even the gang bangers left me alone.

    not the narcs tho. That kind of defeat is like ambrosia to them. They created that door mat, they wanted to keep it.

    I don't go looking for trouble either. I am pleasant and polite. But if trouble comes knocking on my door? Give me a goddamned minute and a pipe wrench. We'll see who has troubles.

  3. confusing my amiable nature with stupidity or that I am push over is a huge mistake.

  4. Don't poke sticks at grizzly bears.

    Q's Sis

  5. halloo there siserino My stalker is threatening to talk about my checkered past.Or he would if he could put enough words together to make a complete sentence without drooling all over his/her shirt. I may have a misspent youth but he/she/ has no life.

  6. I can't believe people are so nosey. How about we dig up their dirt, lol?


    1. That's the pisser. They use your identity as toilet paper while obsessively hiding their own creepy self.

  7. I got this email too. I was hoping he'd look like Tommy Lee Jones wearing a cowboy hat.

    Instead of a grizzly, I'm thinking rattle snake. Keep on poking assholes! If you're still standing, just do us all a favour and post the result on Youtube. This old girl will probably wet her pants laughing.

    You want to put this man through hell but are too stupid to realize he's already been there. You got nothin', morons!

  8. DAMN IT I can't get a troll to save my fucking life. I keep trying - but I told ya, Mystery Author. I told you, they won't come here and snap at me. Maybe I have another trick up my sleeve tho, I have some more ammunition... Or should I say BAIT

  9. You have any clue how many evals I've done over the years on my once-a-week day long long day at the jail of guys who you'd *swear* had been in a bar fight when they very uncomfortably shuffled into the lil' room sporting a matched pair of shiners, visible scratches etc. where the shrinks and dinks (lawyers) speak in "privacy?" Who are THERE because some Cluster B bitch got to the phone first and screamed,"RAPE!!! RAPE!!!" subsequent to consensual sex with their "girlfriend" of 6 mo./a year? Or accused the guy of molesting some child? After they kicked the guy in the crotch? Do you have a clue how many of these bitches RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES???
    And the Cluster B female who would occasionally show up at the jail because the Devil Made Them Rip Off the Priest and the Parishioners for six figures for their allegedly deathly sick child? And it's *all* a "misunderstanding?" Or showed up through the back door of "anxiety" or depression" or now, PTSD? And have flunked MMPIs with stunning frequency?
    Evil/Cluster Bs are an equal opportunity employer. And women are NOT "exempt" although they'd sure like you to believe Jody Arias is an "exception." The only "exceptional" reality regarding this bitch is
    We *all* have a "checkered" past. The only difference? We didn't get "caught." Or we got caught and PURCHASED a "Not Guilty" verdict. Or we didn't have the resources to do such and got <a yr. in jail on a plea bargain that was NO "bargain." Only the poor sap didn't know that and was scared shitless and took a plea instead of a trial because *no one* wants to work that damn hard and lawyers ensure their "client" knows it's gonna cost them their first born, their home as well as any hope of financial solvency in this lifetime.
    You're lucky your younger, wilder days aren't "On Record."
    And if you're honest or have any semblance of humility, you'll admit it.
    (Raises hand right here.)

  10. *raising right hand like mad* I was damned lucky and I know it.

  11. Testify. (My right is raised, too.)

  12. When TW makes her point it is a thing of beauty.

  13. Glady's it's creepy to know some whack job is reading every word you write connecting dots that aren't there and foaming like a can of shaving cream being run over by a mack truck every time he/she doesn't agree with what you say.

  14. But it can be fun if you are in the right mood.

  15. Flattering too. Iit used to surprise me if/when people read my stuff now it surprises me I am creating a Mark David Hinckley out there ask Jodie Foster how much fun that was.

  16. And these "School Teachers" who've seduced their students? My late DH lost his virginity @ 13 to a "Teacher"-in a closet. He was shy as hell, but she wasn't.
    He was born in '35.
    So figgure it out, people.