Monday, September 16, 2013

Huzza good sir!

I spent ALL WEEKEND doing this:
For the non-geek - the above is (not mine) screenshot from the game World of Warcraft.

You create a character and then wander around in Medieval times whacking and slashing at monsters to complete quests, for which you get coin with which to buy more pretend armor at a pretend mall kiosk for your pretend character.  Then you LEVEL UP!  So you can fight BIGGER monsters!  Pretendly! 

It sounds stupid.  But boy is it fun.  Jeff and I went a-questing together, me as a hunter (my might bow & arrow) and him with his great-sword (oh yeah....) and man it was fun.

OH!  But first, I went to San Juan Capistrano with the EP France!
They named a planter after her.

We rode the train from SD.  It runs right along the coast most of the way, so we watched surfer boys and talked and talked.

During 'The Dark Days' tm, I never would have been able to get out and about like that.

I sure do like my life, these days.  I'm still avoiding the whole 'child abuse' thing.  I'm not lookin' at it, so it can't see me.

It's still 78* every day in San Diego.  Fall is just not happening here yet.  I'm going to go walk 5 miles, to make up for sitting on my ass in front of my computer most of the weekend.  But that game is SO FUN.  I may have to complete some more quests after it gets dark tonight...


  1. You look great! Happy and relaxed. Glad to see you enjoying life. Hugs!

  2. Whoa, woman and the EP/Le France!
    This is what great friends do when not slaying dragons and "borrowing armor" cuz that's just what friends-of-the-heart do, awful times and better times...making great times happen together!

  3. Well we've lost another good one to gaming