Thursday, September 5, 2013

Narcs and life insurance


[quoted from the above blog] "Walking out I realized it never even occurred to me that my father would have taken out a life insurance policy. After all, what is life insurance? It's something you pay money for that will only benefit your family. You know, people that aren't you. Or in my father's case, not him. Why on Earth would he ever spend money on something like that?"

My own narc dad left my mother NOTHING.  I mean, she had the building (our house was a 4-plex) but no.  Not life insurance.

It had no benefit to him.  Why, indeed.


  1. My father always bragged that he was going to leave each of his kids 1/2 million bucks.Not holding my breath!

    1. More than likely, what he was saying is 'keep dancing to my tune monkey! Here is your banana on a string!'

      their self-centeredness is such a black hole. There is never enough to fill it.

  2. Boy is that ever the truth. I just hope in death people will finally see what I had a lifetime to endure and why I snapped at the end.

  3. HA! Death-the Great Reveal! They lied about everything else and you can be sure they're gonna die the same way they lived.
    Psychob's Will was diced and sliced every which way like a cheap pizzza. (I bet Nsis is PISSED!) When I got a copy I got another great laugh and yet more confirmation of Psychob's perfidy and nastiness. You bet they reach back from the grave for one last "Fuck YOU!"