Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's ok.

Things I've been learning:
  •         Geraniums are easy, azaleas are difficult.
  •         Being louder and more vehement does not make you righter.
  •         Some relationships can’t be fixed.
  •         Even when you think it’s your fault – even when you know in your heart it’s really honestly mostly your fault, it’s ok to stop trying.  Some things just can’t be fixed.
  •         It’s ok to forgive yourself and really mean it.
  •         Sometimes people talk too much, say the wrong thing.  It’s ok to let that go – it’s ok to say ‘I know you didn’t mean it, it’s forgotten’ – and people really mean it when they say it to you.
  •         It’s ok to forgive other people and really mean it.
  •         I’m really, really good at some things.
  •         I’m really, horrifyingly BAD at some things.
  •         Some of the things I thought I was good at are things I am really, horrifyingly BAD at.
  •         Every single thought in my head doesn’t need to be spoken aloud.
  •         I don’t have to say ‘I’m sorry’ every time.  Sometimes I’m NOT sorry.
  •         It’s ok to do the right thing because you don’t want to look like a dick, not because you feel like doing the right thing.
  •         It’s pretty much never ok to do the wrong thing.
  •         Even people who really believe in god, and jesus, can be afraid of actually MEETING god or jesus.
  •         I’m not afraid to die.  I don’t WANT to die, I’m just not afraid of it.
  •         Selfish self-centered people will be just that, right up to the end.  Not everyone has a Scrooge-like epiphany.
  •         It’s ok to like some of the people some of the time.
  •         It’s ok that you find some people just awful some of the time.
  •         Family really IS family, no matter if it’s the one you’re born into or fabricated. 
  •         Family trusts.  And forgives.  And holds you in a million different ways.  If they don’t, they aren’t.
  •         I like to make plans.  I hate to follow through.
  •         Sometimes a dog will pee on the carpet no matter how many times you walk them. 
  •         It’s ok to WANT to kick a dog.  Doing it is different.
  •         I love the sound of the dishwasher and washing machines going.
  •         I hate the timer buzz when the stuff in the dryer needs putting away.
  •         When I let go and stop worrying about something being PERFECT it usually turns out JUST FINE.  Perfect will never happen.  Fine is FINE.
  •         Music helps.  Silence helps.  Reading helps.  Solitude helps.  I am what I am, it’s ok to just accept that.
  •         My husband has my back.  Even when he’s being a pain in the ass, he has my back.
  •         It’s ok.  It’s ok.  It’s ok.


  1. Oh, Gladys, I really like this list. It sounds like you are sloshing through the muck and pushing through to the other side. Are the old folks still kicking?
    I've been thinking about you and glad you checked in. And I love geraniums. One of the few things NM gave me, a love of geraniums. Once we get rid of all this SNOW, I can't wait to go get some for my containers.

    1. Ditto with the snow, Jessie. I just got up and it was snowing AGAIN! REALLY??? Even this pretty stuff sticking to the trees is beginning to get old, really, really, old!
      Yes, Gladys! a lot of things are OK! A lot of things might not be but it's OK to let them go. Glad to hear you voice b/c it's honest and real.

  2. *You're* ok. *You're* ok. *You're* ok.
    Just the way you are.
    You're loved by the people that matter: The rest is just details.

  3. Love This! It resonated with me!