Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Micro Burst - San Diego, 2014

We got hit with a very strange storm yesterday.  There is a hurricane down south, been causing heat and nearly unbearable humidity this last week.  Triple digits in part of the county, and I live right on the river bed so the air is still and THICK  - but typical San Diego blue skies.

Yesterday it started to get cloudy.  Which is WEIRD here.  Half the sky was dark like a thunder storm, half was blue sky.  10 minutes later this happened. (this is my patio)

Mike and I are the ones talking I suggest you turn your sound off, lol.  This little video ends because I realized THIS IS A HURRICANE shit was FLYING around us and I am on the third floor.  Mike reached up and *yoinked* my wind chimes/hummingbird feeder/plants off their hooks, we were tripping over patio plants that were flying over and NO SHIT we ran into the house and shut the door.

Down below at the pool area umbrellas were sent soaring, tables turned over and the glass shattered, chairs were tumbling around.  It lasted maybe 10 minutes and it was - scary, actually.  I was very glad Mike was here doing laundry.

Directly after the storm cleared, the air was full of the sounds of sirens.  Fire dept, emergency rescue - some of the homeless guys in the river had a very scary time of it and as of last night one was missing - he either got to a shelter or got swept down stream.

these pics are from just now - blue sky day!  mosquitos everywhere.  when you go out it feels like someone tossed a wet warm towel over your head.

Can't imagine what this sounded like during the storm

Trees are pretty stripped of foliage now
My patio looks like someone shook it and stirred it with a stick.

At the small airport just north of here, planes were tossed over.  The damage in the rest of the county, especially east of here, is huge.  Well, huge for US.  I have a new respect for tornado and hurricane survivors.  This was a teeny-tiny little bit of a taste of what a REAL storm must be like.



  2. Creepy to realize we are absolutely helpless when Mother Nature decides to have her way. Up here, here we are being warned that episodes of severe weather will become the norm over the next few decades.

    Last winter we had the mother of all ice storms with absolutely frigid temperatures. Some folks were without power for up to three weeks! We "lucked" out and it was only out for 36 hours. No fireplace! Kept the taps dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. No way to get cash or gas for the car! Couldn't get outta the driveway anyway, roads impassible with ice and tree limbs.

    The politicians go on about terrorists but IMO it'll be the weather that brings us down! Mother Nature's "Fuck You!"

    The clean-up and repairs cost me $3000!

    1. I always thought here in So Cal I would die in an earthquake - and I'm used to those, they don't freak me out anymore. Watching the wind and seeing the destruction from this little storm just scared me to death!

      It reminded me of the panic I felt when Hurricane Sandy was headed straight for us in Maryland. Lucky for us it went north. UNLUCKY for the people it hit. Mother nature is a BITCH - but at least she doesn't judge, lol