Thursday, September 18, 2014

Second Hand Rose

I know I have been in this place before, this 'excited to save money let's get out of debt save all the pennies' place.  I feel like I cycle around to the same freaking posts every year or so.  But - you know what?  *shrug* whatever.  It's probably so boring to read, and this blog is SO all over the place.  I'll do posts about the woo-woo again but for now this is what's bubbling to the top of my brain/life, so this is what I write.
I did not buy this but I should have dammit.

Vera Bradley Backpack New with Tags (NWT)
Found this brand new with tags still attached yesterday at the Am Vets.  Bought for $5, listed for $78.  No action yet, but comps are selling for $85 or so, so I have hope.  
Why sideways, Blogger?  WHY?
One of my Coach bags - listed on auction starting at $35 + $10 shipping.  Already has a bidder, so SOLD.  5 people are 'watching' it, so the price could go up.

Charm off of a Coach purse I gave to Mike's girlfriend - the purse was too 'used' to sell but she loved it.  I ganked the charm before I gave it to her, har har.  Listed this charm on auction at $4.99 to start.  It's already been bidded up to $6.24 with $2.00 shipping.  So, SOLD, with 10 people watching.

Another of my purses, already sold and shipped it.  Sold for $80 + $12.50 shipping.  I had bought this used off of Ebay 8 years ago or so - nice!

And lest you think it's all purses up in here, behold:

Ann Taylor skirt.  Bought for $2.00, already sold and shipped for $20.

Brands like Patagonia, Lands End etc sell like HOT CAKES (yum, pancakes).  If you have thrift stores in your area it's a totally easy way to make a few bucks.

Also, I buy our own clothes at thrift stores!  
Jeff in silk embroidered shirt I bought for $5!
Jeff's bday present this year - ack-shoo-lee bought used on Ebay for him, $50 but Tommy Bahama is HUGE collectable
Next post - the Magical Giving Dumpster of Love.  That thing is like unicorns and hobbits all wrapped up in pop tarts.

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