Tuesday, December 2, 2014

oh, jeeze. ELL OH ELL

Yeah, second post today but GET THIS

My eldest sister just called to wish me a happy birthday.  She said 'I couldn't remember if you celebrate on the 1st or the 3rd so I'm calling today on the second!'

Let me explain this:

I think I've mentioned.  When my dad brought me to Calif he changed my birthday in order to get me into 1st grade before the cutoff - so that he could have control of me from my mother in Fla, so that I was in school and not needing daycare, so that HIS life worked for him.  HE CHANGED MY BIRTHDAY.  It was a big deal, they made it a big deal, and all these years later my eldest sister is still confused.  (They also didn't like calling me Casey, I had to go by Kathy for a while (I guess until they gave up since I probably told everyone my name was Casey when they asked, because I WAS FUCKING 5/6 YRS OLD)  I mean, it was only from the 3rd to the 1st - what's the problem, right?  confused the everloving crap out of me.

SO all these years later, I am now 54 (tomorrow) and my own sister cannot remember which day I celebrate.  But she knew what day I was actually BORN - I mean, do you get that?  (to be fair I cannot remember all of their birthdays either, I know the month but not the exact day.  But she remembers enough to be confused by it still).

It's just mind-blowing what they take away from you in order to make their lives easier.  My birthday, AND my name.  Not to mention my mother, my aunt, my home, my brother - *poof* all gone because it didn't fit the image.

And oddly enough, or maybe not odd because all the great things happening lately, this is just sort of a period at the end of a sentence about my childhood.  It really did happen.  People DO remember.  And it really doesn't matter anymore!  She called, and I love her for remembering my day and for making the effort.

And that is a good start to the last 3rd of my life!


  1. I'm glad its going well and hope there are no more complications.

    Happy Birthday

  2. Nice when the mind fucks suddenly don't matter aymore!

  3. And Happy (Belated) Birthday, Gladys!