Wednesday, December 24, 2014

*spoiler alert* he didn't die

Bullet pointed because I. Just. Cant. Even.

  • Nurse misspoke and told Keith and mom that death was eminent
  • It wasn't
  • C Diff infection is gastro/intestinal thing.  No way to cure it for dad yet but one way has found success in some patients
  • Fecal transplant
  • yes I said fecal transplant
  • We though it was going to have to be Jeff who donated, DNA and all that.  
  • Turns out that much like a 'blood bank' there is a fecal bank
  • Yep
  • They did the transplant
  • Dad immediately starts hollerin' to go home.  They advise against, he insists, they have no power to keep him, he goes home
  • Dad back in hospital on the 20th
  • ha. ha. ha.
  • No clue if there will be another transfer *shudder*, I'm staying well clear of that hell
  • Jeff is going to their house for Christmas dinner.  I ordered ham dinner from grocery store, Keith will pick up.  
  • I am staying home in my PJs because NOPE.

Meanwhile, related news:
  • Jeff's sister Debbie ALSO decided NOPE.  no more.
  • She sent Keith and Jeff a text saying that she was going to give her husband power of attorney for her, because she wouldn't always be around to help make minute-by-minute decisions (works at a court house and no phones, whatnot)
  • I thought this was sorta brilliant, giving her an extra layer of protection against the madness
  • Keith and Dad think her husband is nefarious abuser who is angling for control of both sister and the house Dad owns
  • (yes, the house that has a reverse mortgage on it and now I have a headache)
  • Sister's son who is about 23 is arrested for burglary for the second time and is in jail
  • Jeff sends sister a text expressing concern/condolences at 3:00 PM on the 20th (magic date)
  • At 10:30 PM same day Jeff receives vitriolic texts back telling him to shove his concern up his ass, etc
  • I'm left wondering if that was sister texting or husband?  Now I need a foil hat because I'm suspicious of everything
  • 'have a nice life' was tossed by both parties

Meanwhile, same day, December 20th, family xmas party with Jeff's kids, my kid, extended family, all very fun happy people.  My kind of party!
  • Keith is there, which is good we haven't seen him in a long time
  • He has had a mild heart attack and his health is sorta failing, I clutch my pearls and he laughs because he is our only line of defense.  I say 'you cannot die' and he says 'oh believe me, I know' and we laugh again.  It's all good between us, every time, in person.  Hmmmm.
  • Keith and I have a sit down talk which is not necessarily a CTJ (come to jeebus) but IS more firm from me
  • I tell him Dad has NOTHING to apologize to me for, I have not CO (cut off) his parents because of the shitty things they said TO me, stop with arranging a deathbed reunion. 
  • It's about Jeff and his pain, I don't like when someone talks to my husband like that and makes him so upset he breaks out in acne on his face at 57 years old from stress
  • I also have been the scapegoat before, I recognize it, they are turning me into one again with the P/A comments behind my back (calling me a vulture, accusing me of trying to steal crystal and the mink coat incident, telling people I'm on her 'list' because I didn't go get Baby Keith from Baker on his ill-fated trip to Las Vegas, etc), and insert the NOPE FISH picture here again.
  • He tells me he thinks sister's husband is nefarious abuser who is angling for control of both sister and the house Dad owns (copied from above)
  • (they still think there is $500,000 in equity in that home magical thinking MORE POWER TO YA)
  • He repeats for the gabillionth time that when the parents die HE gets the money
  • I repeat for the gabillionth and one time that the fucking TRUST DOCUMENTS of which we have a copy specifically leave all property divided equally between the three kids
  • I encourage, nay, INSIST that he get someone out to that house to re-draw the trust docs while both parents are in their right minds (ha) to give it all to Keith (including the magical unicorn and leprechaun with his pot of gold that live under that house)
  • I also tell him to get a POA, even a limited one, naming HIM as having the POA for his parents
  • Jeff absolutely does not want any part of that house.  He thinks Keith has earned whatever there is in equity simply by wiping asses, driving to the VA 6 times a week, and just living in that madness.  I totally agree, but my opinion doesn't matter really because as I keep telling Keith, IT'S NONE OF MY BIDNESS
  • ha ha that up there ^^ is funny because C Diff infection causes horrific STENCH FILLED diarrhea which from what keith said CANNOT BE CONTAINED IN ANY ADULT DIAPER KNOWN TO MAN

Aaaand I'll just re-add that NOPE FISH here because NOPE.

I have lots to catch up on here.  My trip to Florida and the side-trip to Daytona Beach.  Thoughts on what is 'normal'.  My glee that christmas is almost over again for another year.  Positive energy.  All that rigamarole.

Wishing all of you a very quiet, happy, and calm Christmas and New Year.  Comfortable stretchy warm PJs, mugs of soup or coffee or stew.  Cookies and great movies and naps and lapfuls of furry pets.  


  1. This makes me head hurt. I don't know how you do it.

    Merry Christmas, Gladys!! Wishing you a lovely day. Jess

  2. (Playing in the background while reading this: "...nevah, evah, evAH do innything...easy...." "Proud Mary," Tina Tuner, Live in Amsterdam, '09.)
    Merry Chri tma -I'm mi ng a fe key on my keyboard, but you get the idea. I hope!

  3. Take Jeff by the hand and walk away from the whole damn bunch of them. They deserve each other and the shit-filled house.
    Merry Christmas!