Monday, November 10, 2014


In keeping with the 'Vision Board' thing, I've been concentrating on what I actually want in a new home.  Because, it's easy to put out there 'I want a cool apartment!' I have done so, many many times, and the Universe has always and forever granted me a 'cool' apartment.  But these days I'm older and wiser and the list of things I actually want is pretty specific.

In the first place, grass.  And access to A HOSE.  Do you know how long it's been since I've had the luxury of watering plants/hosing off the leaves/washing down a patio?  10 years maybe?  Just this week it's gotten Africa hot here in San Diego again - the Santa Ana wind conditions are here and it is DRY, so dry I've had a bloody nose a couple times.  So I had to take all my plants in off the patio and set them in the bathtub so I could shower them off good.  Get them clean, and hydrated - because with plants it isn't just about watering the dirt.  They need hydration.

Instead of putting them back out on the patio I've just arranged them (artfully) in front of the fireplace.
My plants, artfully arranged in front of a fireplace that I want to fill with WATER

OK - dreaming of things I would like my new home to have.  SO - yes, grass yard green plants access to a hose.  Like this:
A girl can dream, right?
Or this
Either one of those would work.

Other things I want in a new place?  windows.  Light.  Peace.  Calm.  Wood floors (or tile, or laminate, just not carpet).  Lots and lots of green yard, green plants, even if I have to be responsible for mowing and trimming.

Another reason I want to have access to a yard, rather than just a patio, (besides my doggies deserve a yard) is that I'm feeling the urge to create things.  I want to put a mosaic top on a wooden table I have.  I want to sand and paint my dining room table.  I just am feeling CRAFTY and I have no place to work.  Trying to mix grout and then rinse it off is absolutely impossible in an apartment.  I'll get kicked out.  It would ruin the patio, the plumbing, the downstairs neighbor's patio...

Which is weird, because while I have ALWAYS loved creating, it's been 10 years since I even wanted to do it.  The urge has come around again.

TW - you were asking about cycles, and year patterns.  I'm still looking for the patterns in my life.  I think I'm on odd-numbered years as far as good/bad goes. (the odd being the better years).  And maybe 5-year cycles of different things.  I'm thinking about all of that now.

Because while I love moving around, and love new places, this urge to be near water in all forms is more of a COMPULSION.  I was telling France I almost want to live IN a lake, or IN a sea grotto
I could live right here I swear *sploosh* that's me diving in
which is funny because it's so HOT and dry and all that right now.

Except for the past two days the fog has actually rolled in, all the way to Mission Valley, and I can smell the sea at night.  I love it.

And just as an aside - I don't think this is some CALLING to live at the sea.  I just really want to be near water.  Maybe it will happen, maybe not.  But I'm focusing on it, that's for damned sure!


  1. I like your requirements! My yard work is tough for me right now but the idea of no yard, no green stuff, etc. freaks the hell outta me and of course I have to have dogs...big dogs.
    As a British Citizen, I am also a Citizen of the European Union and I can tell you, Spain calls to me! I love the houses that look like nothing from outside, even a little run down, then inside BAM! the house surrounds a magical courtyard filled with greenery and bordered by full length windows that open onto this little bit of paradise.
    Often wondered if you have that type of architecture in California. So much Spanish influence there.

    1. OH that sounds lovely! I've seen such homes on TV - and actually some of the hotels here have that layout. I know what you mean - the rooms in the home all open up onto a grassy/planted courtyard with a wonderful fountain splashing. Beautiful.

      Jeff is going to Spain! He leaves on the 14th. He will be in Seville - I was going to go with (it's another of those MIRB trips that I could slide into) but he will be gone for 2 weeks and that is too long and too expensive to board our doggies. Plus I'm saving for a MOVE, lol

      Mulder, you gave me an excellent idea and Imma write my next bloggy about it. Right after I get another cuppa coffee.

  2. Barcelona is my favourite city but I'd really like to live in one of those hilltop villages, a bit like Assisi without the tourists. Real estate is cheap outside the cities.
    Can't wait for your next post!
    BTW I made a friend request on FB.
    (Side hustle will go over $1200 after this week's pick-ups!)

    1. if you sent me a fb friend request I cant find it I'm totally excited plz send again!

  3. FB won't let me request again so I sent you an FB message. Have a look at your "other" messages.