Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Water water everywhere

It's getting almost silly the amount of 'water' themed things that are happening around me.

I have been to the beach more in the last month than in the last year.  I'm drawn to it really hard right now.  On top of that there is all this MERMAID imagery and text around me.  I was on the beach singing an old Joni Mitchell song to myself, something about ...♪ my fingernails are filthy and I've got beach tar on my feet ♫ and the very next line is 'let's go down to the Mermaid Cafe have fun tonite' and that song is OLD - I'm not even sure how I remember the words to it.  But it's a beach song, so I was singing it, and bam there's a mermaid ref I hadn't thought of.  Cracked me up,

My car is a Zephyr - and I've seen so many signs (like, business signs) or whatever, using that word. That isn't exactly a common word these days. It's a Greek (?) word, used on old sea maps - it's a fair wind.

(The fact that my car is a Zephyr made Mike start calling it Led Zephyr' and it is a 'champagne' color so of course I call her Kashmir.  Mike also calls it the SS Zephyr because it has no turning radius, handles much like a boat MORE WATER REFS.)

There are leaking drinking fountains when I walk and giant puddles right where I'm going to step when I've parked my car (don't you HATE that?).  Just yesterday I'm at the grocery store and my apartment complex called - there is a leak coming from my kitchen down to the apartment below.  OF COURSE THERE IS, lol.  They come over later and figure out it's my ancient dishwasher, I get a new dishwasher! (hurray for renting!)

The dishwasher they're replacing?  A GE Nautilus.  Can't make this shit up.

Again, like all woo-woo stuff, if you aren't living it you can't really KNOW it - it all sounds so silly.  But water is wanting me - and I'm listening Universe.  I'm not sure what the point is yet, but you have my full attention.

OH and I happened to glance at the silverware basket in the dishwasher and thought to myself 'hmm, wonder if people need those' and the answer is YES.  YES THEY DO.  Plastic used silverware baskets, to the tune of about $15 - $20

and since that dishwasher is going to be trashed anyway, and I will absolutely sell anything, I snagged that puppy and I will sell it.

P.S. I sold 5 things on Sunday! - that's the day my auctions typically end.  My goal is to get to $1,000 in my Side Hustle Bank Account (thanks Mulder!) and what with all the cans and plastic bottles I snag out of our trash and this Ebay thing, I will get there sooner than later.

**ALSO - I am not crawling into dumpsters to retrieve things!  People bag up their soda cans/water bottles into separate bags, or put all the beer bottles back into the cardboard case/12-pack and set them either just inside or outside!  But believe me - if my arms were longer I would have WAY more recycling to turn in.  (I find hair pins once in a while, but since I've really 'tuned in', they only appear once in a while.  wtf?)**

Pelicans, sea gulls, octopus stuff, sand pipers, mermaids - they are everywhere.  And believe me, I know that it only stands to reason that if I'm spending more time at the beach Imma see more sea birds and dumb beach/shell/sand/mermaid plaques.  But I'm more immersed than you would think, really.

Now I'm thirsty.


  1. ETA I do not find hairpins in dumpsters. I need gooder English phrasing.

  2. OK, Here's some cyber ice tea-Celestial Seasonings decaf mint. That *is* what you had in mind, right? ;) Pull up a chair and let's sing, "The winds came in from Africa, Last night I couldn't sleep...." Astrologically, aren't we moving into Scorpio-a water sign?<So wait-there's more!
    Woo hoo, a new dishwasher-go Gladys-ohhellyeah, sell those baskets! All kinds of baskets are hot items-including basket cases-and are sold up here for profit or SNAP card "exchanges." (It's kinda like the local NASDAQ grey market currency inherent in rural poverty.)
    I just got a new fridge: However, I shudder to think of how much that ended up costing ME because of the length of time it wasn't working (yeah, it went on strike immediately after I went to bed and I'm not a breakfast eater), and what I had in the freezer on top as well as the contents of the fridge itself. But I did snatch the bulk ice cube container outta the old one before it went to the dump.
    Yeah, we're so "green" we're down right moldy here: Most of the time the no-longer-"Durable Goods" never make it much past the front porch or the front yard-aka Tundra "Lawn Ornaments." To coordinate with the numerous and sundry motor vehicles in various states of disrepair/decomposition-like Neil Young observed, "Rust never sleeps"-to be "parted out" kinda-sorta-maybe. Often for decades. Think of a Body Farm for snow mobiles, 4 wheelers, boats, cars, trucks and other unidentifiable rusting hulks. Sittin' next to a tree with the remnants of chains hanging from the branches that at one time held various engines to be moved from This wreck to That wreck. Maybe. Eventually. Meanwhile, there's the daily ear-splitting dose of multiple screamed-at big headed little kids runnin' around, the requisite products aka Fornication Trophies of multiple "Baby Daddies" that goes something like, "Don't choo DAAH get undah that 'ngine-I'll be killin' you-don't choo even THINK of goin' OVAH thah!" Even though there's not even a tire swing for them to play with in the "yard" despite the plethora of tires of various sizes strewn all over the "yard" just waiting to hatch some West Nile virus in the warmer weather. Sometimes, living in an area with zoning is good thing. As is a local branch of Planned Parenthood. When all else fails, the females are spayed for the most part in their 20's: I think I'm about the only female I know of up here that made it to menopause with all the parts intact-but that was a fight and I'm "not from here" which, it could be argued, gave me an unfair advantage.
    As did literacy.
    Yes, we attract only the *best,* most (un)qualified health care practitioners in this area as well. Diplomas and Licenses to practice apparently have become optional. (Besides, "now they cost too much.")
    Anyway, I'm angling for a new washing machine-ha! More water! Sendin' it all yer way-cuz it'll be FROZEN here!
    I just checked the brand of new fridge I received-it's a FRIGIDaire. sigh. That's imposed by forces beyond my control but does not bode well for any positive improvements in my personal life. I guess I'm stuck with the Stalker into the indefinite future.
    I think I'm more excited about this move than you are and most certainly far more tangential...Here, drink your ice tea, 'K?! I'm gonna have to look up that song as I now have an ear worm over it-Thanks Gladys! ;)

  3. Hot weekend on FB Storage Wars b/c the weather was lousy so people were surfing the auctions. Put some pre-cut quilt squares out there for $10 and ended up with $41! Total, $135 and they all picked up off my porch without any need for me to interact (hate the human race, love their $). That put the "side hustle" new fridge fund at $1,144!
    If they're in good shape, pull the racks from the dishwasher too. Those things are worth $.
    You are my inspiration, Gladys! I passed it on to a friend who is saving up the down payment for a house.