Saturday, November 1, 2014

Patience and Prudence

Yesterday I went here

On the day where the threshold between the dead and the living is almost visible, I went to the place where earth ends and the sea begins.

I've been feeling like a lot of doorways, thresholds, entryways, exits - all of them are important to my life right now.  It feels right - endings and beginnings - I can feel that I'm about to start another phase of my life, a real one.  A big one.  Internal and external.  Whatever is coming, I can feel it.

I've been feeling very dizzy when I am in doorways.  My own included!  Standing in the surf up to my knees gave me serious vertigo, lol.  Threshholds, doorways, beginnings and endings.  My spiritual self is lining up with my physical self.

Glad I didn't get a boot to the ass and get pushed off some rocks, you know?

Here is a row of beach cottages, like a hotel, right on a pier
Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach - Hallowe'en day 2014
I have always wanted to stay there, to hear the ocean all night long.  It ain't cheap tho...

This guy flew down and shared a berm with me.  He just kept LOOKING at me.  I wanted to complain to his manager, but that guy was off fighting over an old hot dog down the beach.
I told him what a handsome gentleman he was.  I don't know if he was flirting with me or not.  Maybe he just wondered did I have any doritos in my backpack.

It's been cloudy and breezy here.  Remember me complaining about the relentless sunshine?  Last night it rained like serious business, first time in a month or so.  I HAVE POWER.  I made it rain.  Too bad I can't do that with money.

One of the cottage interiors I found on Google images, this one?
is actually for rent.  At a price we could afford if we continue saving and paying off stuff.  BUT, it's available like, right now.  Calm down, Universe - concentrate on The Ides of March.  That's when I need to move.

But how fantastic is that little beach cottage.  It's in La Jolla.  WANT.

Patience, patience, patience...


  1. Ooooh! I would have to have, have, have that little cottage! Looks like a tiny Craftsman style place. I know you have lots of those in California. My dream style of house but hard to find here.
    When the Ides arrive, what you are meant to have will be waiting for you!
    BTW my "ghostbuster" friends just published a book about the project they did and I researched everyone who ever lived in the house. It's called "The Meeting Place of the Dead" b/c the place is an old log meeting house where some guys formed a church. They put my nmae in the credits AND gave me a signed copy. I'm now a legit ghostbuster associate! Woo hoooooo!

  2. ^And wild clapping and cheering from the gallery here, Mulder! Congratulations! What a great bunch of Woo-woos we have here: Why, we're so damn talented we should go on the road, huh?! I'll bring my Tarot Cards-my personal ones-that are really beautiful and we'll find Glady's place-even if it's not this particular one. Which IMO totally "fits" you! (I'd love something like that too, but not on the water-too many associated memories.) Soon, if there's this one available now, that likely means there will be others like it in the future when it's your time.
    I really hear you about living on salt water. I grew up with that as my back yard literally and there are 3 occurrences involving my senses that will IMMEDIATELY transport me back there:
    -The sound of a fog horn
    -The smell of salt water/seaweed
    -The sight of a fog bank rolling in
    I'm THERE.

    So you will be when the time is right: That place looks just *perfect!*

    BTW, Have any of you noticed that your life runs in cycles? (That includes you too, Ms. Bess!) Maybe I'm just weird but mine does-it's 7 yr. cycles for me and I'm entering the end of a cycle right now-'15 is the seventh year. I can already see at least one potential massive (and painful) change heading my way.
    Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!

    1. 4 years NC and now is starting to cycle. I have to rid myself of secrets, I keep all kinds of things secret even silly things that don't matter.

      It is causing me pain and its on its way out. The change is occurring naturally, I don't keep secrets well although its my trademark.

  3. Right on about the cycles, TW. I've only started paying attention in the last couple of years. MF, congrats!