Sunday, November 23, 2014

My mosaic table top *edited*

This is the mosaic table top I made at the class I signed up for.

Lo and behold, the woman is a kindred spirit.  not in the Lived with a Narc way, but in the 'wow my brain doesn't feel quite as broken when I'm around you' way.

I've already told her I'm interested in taking another class.

Doorway INDEED.


Good grief.  Remember when I found this random photo on the internet?
I used Picasa and re-cropped it and lightened it:

TW - you are right, they are pretty Celtic looking.  Also IT'S A MOSAIC. (well, if by mosaic, in this case, you mean tiles in a frame.  but still.)

The table I just did.  Mosaic Celtic trinity.

These coincidences are just happening all the time, and if I wasn't writing this stuff down I wouldn't even remember.  Because stuff like this has happened all my life but unless it's on this blog, I don't really have specific examples.  Not many anyway.

I just keep moving forward into this new great place, and take notes on the way!