Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Here are a couple of fabulous home-made halloween costumes of your's truly - for your howling pleasure.
1:  1982-ish.  I was Carmen Miranda.  Nobody knew who in the fuck that was.  I finally just said I was the Chiquita Banana lady.  That fruit hat was tres dificil to make.  It had a pineapple on top so it was always *swoop*ing over to one side or the other.  My friend there was a pirate - obv.  This was LONG before Johnny Depp, so her pirate is modeled after the fake ones we always saw at Disneyland.  Yo ho ho.  She ended up being FAR more comfortable at the backyard keg party we went to.  Go figure.
2.  This is me when I was working at PXL- about 3 or 4 years ago?  Homemade 1960's Space Girl.  Which is pretty apt for ME, I might add.  Notice the incredibly technical and scientific pipe cleaner dealio on my head.

Enjoy your Halloween kids.  I'm going out for a LONG walk with my dogs - I have some mental things to figure out (I'll be gone till 2015!  HAHAHA *buh dum DING*) that storm brought up some uh, ISSUES that evidently I need to deal with.  Issues that don't even have anything to do with life, death or WIND.  huh.


  1. Check out Carmen Banana from Austin Texas.

  2. Huh. First you're hunkered with the man and the other dawgs and then you're goin' on a Walk About in the Outback. Wear sunscreen, OK?
    Costume Comments: #1-Your gf might have been more comfortable, but that was only because no one was hittin' up on HER! #2-Gladys, we should work in the same office. If ya still have your antenna, could I borrow it sometime? Bet it works better than the one nailed to a tree out back of my place. Love the costume! Love what you're holding in your right hand! ;)

  3. Those are frickin' awesome costumes!! I love your antenna and ray gun. I have to be subtle where I work, but I'm wearing pretty damned realistic vampire teeth. I can flash 'em at people and surprise them without scaring the little ones. Fun!!

  4. Lol. Those are awesome costumes. I thought I was a little silly being explorer Cortez (shower cap with a feather pinned to it, knickers) and a telephone repair woman (don't ask!)

  5. Gladys,
    These are both awesome costumes. I'm awed by your sheer crafty-ness. Wowsers. I'm not allowed to dress up where I work, which is sort of sad. If they ever do let us dress up, though, I'm totally emailing you for ideas.

    Good luck on your walk. Stay away from downed power lines. :)