Friday, October 26, 2012

Technical Difficulties. Please enjoy our hold music.

I live at the red arrow.

Thanks for calling.  I'm out buying toilet paper and water before the ghetto wakes up and there are riots at the WalMart.  If you would like to send a storm shelter, please press 1.  Please leave a message at the beep.  *fucking beeeeep*


  1. Well, shit! Hope you miss the worst of it!

  2. Be safe, Little One. Thinkin' of ya, don't wish I was there, but wish you were here. We could watch it on TV if ya want. Oh-don't forget, I've got lots of Oreos.
    And Chowdah too. Just now, the forecasters are saying it's a Cat 1 but growing larger. At least here you can front-end-loader snow off your roof before it caves in.
    Happy huntin' for the TP and the water-batteries too, huh? Inflatable raft? Life vests? I wouldn't have a clue about what to do besides board up/tape the windows.
    Check in when ya can.
    Please be safe, Gladys.
    Best wishes,

  3. It won't miss me either.

    Hunker down!

  4. It kind of looks like it's going to make a house call there Glady's. In Dallas we get the scraps left over from the main hit but Hurricanes just don't have the pizzazz to make it this far inland.

  5. If we get anything, it'll be snow. Wet, nasty, crappy, heavy s*n*o*w.
    In the meantime, you could still come and we could still watch the leaves blowing all over the place and the river in front of my house fogging up before it starts to freeze. I've got all kinds of warm, cozy robes, and furry stuff for the entire body! (Yep, that does NOT include, ahem, hand-cuffs, just to clarify.) Head-to-toe, including my beloved don't-make-'em-like-this-anymore snow shoes and I can show ya how to fall face down with 'em on your warmly booted Yetti Feet with out any effort at all! And the beds-all kinds of sink-in comfy and warm, baby, REAL pillows to beat up to your specs. Who needs electric what evers when I've got all the good stuff for a good winter-long snooze?
    We won't be cold!
    Ut oh. I think Gladys is my...well, I was just thinkin' yk?
    Be safe. Write when ya can.

  6. Duck and cover! And be sure to grab your tambourine!