Monday, October 8, 2012

Ultimate Stalking Song

What goes on in the mind of a narc when you leave - when you go No Contact?  This.  This song has always given me the creeps.  Why do you suppose most people only hear the crooning, but don't listen to the WORDS...?

"This is one of the most misinterpreted songs ever. It is about an obsessive stalker, but it sounds like a love song. Some people even used it as their wedding song. The Police frontman Sting wrote it after separating from his first wife, Frances Tomelty.
In a 1983 interview with the New Musical Express, Sting explained: "I think it's a nasty little song, really rather evil. It's about jealousy and surveillance and ownership." Regarding the common misinterpretation of the song, he added: "I think the ambiguity is intrinsic in the song however you treat it because the words are so sadistic. On one level, it's a nice long song with the classic relative minor chords, and underneath there's this distasteful character talking about watching every move. I enjoy that ambiguity."

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take
I'll be watching you

Every single day
And every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay
I'll be watching you

Oh can't you see
You belong to me
How my poor heart aches
With every step you take

Every move you make
And every vow you break
Every smile you fake, every claim you stake
I'll be watching you

Since you've gone I been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it's you I can't replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
(The Police - Every Breath You Take. )


  1. Is this the song Miss Kravitz plays while she is super sleuthing?

    1. Lol - YES. I'll be watching you. From behind my chintz curtains.

  2. I'll be the old broad with the cane and the collapsing infrastructure. I don't have a hooked nose, but my back is doing it's damndest to facillitate a spinal hooked nasal imitation.
    Who ever said deteriorating bones doesn't hurt never had any. Grace, ya know when you sang, "One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small?" May I please have some of the "larger" ones? ;)