Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holy Mary Mother of God she looks like a vagina...

More research into the bible fable:

"[there is] archaeological evidence that the average man of Jesus' day was about 5 feet 3 inches tall and a bantam-like 110 pounds. Given the harsh conditions, especially for working stiffs like the members of Jesus' family, combined with Jesus' ascetic lifestyle, which included walking everywhere, scholars agree that he was most likely a rather sinewy peasant, as tough as a root and about as appealing."

What Did Jesus Really Look Like?
Published: February 21, 2004
The man was middle eastern.  He was from a village in Israel.  He didn't look like a California surfer from 1965 - which is what all the pictures I have seen look like to me.

So, what did Miriam (Marian?) look like?  Dunno.  Can't find a picture, I didn't really look too hard.

BECAUSE.  I found this.
So, here is a typical rendering of the virgin Mary.
(whut the hell is that guy doing at the bottom?)

Here's a better one:

Which looks an awful lot like this.
Do you recolize what this is? 
Or this:
Yeah.  Now tell me that doesn't make A TON OF SENSE.  It's becoming clearer to me.

The whole misogynistic aspect of organized religion always struck me as fear of women - and here we find out that we have all been instructed to actually WORSHIP female genitalia. 
"Long before Jesus Christ entered history, it was the old Babylonian ritual to pray to idols of fertility. The Queen of Babylon, (Semiramis) claimed a virgin birth of her son Tamus on December 25th. (by our calendar) Hundreds of years later Babylon needed a way to compete with the new Christian faith and to continue all the fertility worship. "If you can't beat em' Join em!" The Babylonian religion merged with Christianity and produced the Universal Church. (Catholicism) With this church's bent on mother and fertility worship, it's no mistake that most depictions of the Virgin Mary look like a vagina that is primed and ready for consummation. No wonder she's always BLEEDING!" <-- (pretty stupid website, unless you're a fanatic)
I'm both fascinated and repelled by the research I've been doing.  It all started because of Santa Claus and the surrounding mythology, that fat bastard.
Tomorrow the world ends, so what difference does it make anyway?  Imma go eat carbs and salt and fat, tomorrow we get blown to bits!

P.S. - here we see Mary finding out she was preggers. 
 "Oh shit. I'm fucked. These sticks are 99% accurate. Wish I knew what 99 meant. Or percent."


  1. Wow, Gladys. Interesting stuff.

    1. Jessie, I should have put a disclaimer at the top of this post too. I do not mean to offend anyone, so if I did please know that is not my intent. I just don't believe the stories and I am looking for my own truths.

    2. Shit. I meant that as 100% sincere. Seriously, interesting stuff. I was very intrigued.

      I am not a particularily religious person. I think too many people just believe what they are told and follow along. I think a lot of religion was created to control the masses and does not put a lot of emphasis on free thinking, which I think is contradictory to the idea of faith. You should have faith and believe because you do, not out of fear of punishment. People should behave like human beings towards each other because they should have respect for each other. I am, however, spiritual and I do believe in a greater power.

      With that said, you didn't offend me at ALL! And even if I was a "true believer" this still wouldn't offend me. I think that my beliefs and truths should have nothing to do with anyone else's beliefs and truths! Keep sharing. I really am finding your thoughts interesting. The virgin Mary image really amazed me.

  2. Yeah, the pale blonde Anglo-looking representations annoy me too. Here's one from my tradition I can almost live with:

    And yeah, these things are all connected, in more ways than I can count. I did my M.Sc. thesis on this stuff, sort of. Fertility and goddesses and virgin births and resurrected gods. Fascinating. Lost my faith several times along the way and re-found it too.

    Searching for the truth never offends, or at least, it should not.

    Hugs and keep at it, please. I'm enjoying your posts :)

    1. I guess it's because you're an ACoN and so into actually digging up the truth, desperately. I can so relate to that. I haven't enjoyed reading anyone's take on all this in a long time - you know, believers and atheists and agnostics and scholars all have agendas or are really boring and don't seem interested in getting to the bottom of it at all.

      You know, for what it's worth, some sane and less narcissistic Christian traditions acknowledge the pagan legacy and don't pretend it isn't there.

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  3. The idealized Jesus uses shampoo, conditioner and has his beard trimmed. : )

    Q's Sis

  4. pA - thank you. I have to tell you, I freaked myself out today with this research. I feel like I'm falling down a well, like Alice down a rabbit hole. No kidding, I have to step away from it for a bit.

    Because - where does it end? I guess we grow up believing in authority and now the truth is that stuff was all bullshit...

    I'm glad to know about the Christian traditions that acknowledge the pagan stuff. I'm going to look for that - like a bright spot here in the darkness.

    I'm no scholar. I didn't go to college. And my research is all from the comfort of my couch, on the internet. I am just very, very curious. And I do hate all the lies.

    Thank you again, PA.

  5. Considering Joseph's diminutive stature, do you think he had to go up on Mary?

    1. SEE! these are the kinds of facts enquiring minds MUST KNOW. This is worth researching...

  6. There is a cartoonist Mimi Pond that contributed to National Lampoon and she had this panel with some world weary woman riding on a city bus all alone. The bus stops and this drunken homeless bum gets on and starts lumbering down the aisle.
    She starts thinking to herself. God please. Please don't let this guy sit next to me. God....I'll be good from now on. Just please please let this guy sit somewhere else.
    So he sits his fly buzzing ass right next to her leans into her face and says......
    God told me to sit here.

  7. Huh. In that pix with the guy at the bottom? The guy is lookin' up her skirt. Or what ever that rendition-on-a-Burka was all about anyway.
    Speaking of which how come women had to be clothed from head-to-toe (and still do) least they be "provocative" to men? I mean, aren't we-or weren't we-kinda like lookin' for one? BTW, that pix of the average, ordinary guy circa whatever #1? That looks like a typical homeless guy. Or a mug shot. I "discerned" a loooong time ago, "Not my type."

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  9. I fucked that ish up with a typo ^^^

    Please, Gladys. Please keep writing your insanely awesome posts and I will keep reading them and being insanely awed and inspired by your awesomeness.

    YOU are one of my Gods. I shall pray to you daily. And I shall promise never to see you in my toast in the mornin.'


    Jonsi Pants McGoogle

  10. There is a tradition of Mary statuettes from Mexico that are in no way subtle--you look at them, you see a vagina. This time of year, various Native American catalogs show up in my mail all full of stuff to order, including these statues. Always makes me laugh.

    1. I am on a mission to look these up!! THAT is a statue I can get behind (so to speak)

  11. And a Cunt sucking pig too.

  12. My vagina looks just like the Virgin Mary! Anyone I show agrees. The resemblance leaves no room for speculation and I completely agree that organized religion is strongly based off fear of woman and woman's sexuality.

  13. And she eats it too.

  14. Even the Virgin Mary is eating pussy nowadays.