Sunday, December 30, 2012

Curing the Means

I went to Point Lookout state park today.  It was about 41 degrees but beautiful.

There was a giant osprey nest, but the vacancy sign was out
I wish I could remember that being outside keeps 'the crazy' from eating my brain.  I don't mean a ha ha I'M SO CRAZY, looka me! thing either.  Y'all know.  I get a horrible black cloud - a murderous rage.  I could cut a bitch - with a knife or with my words.  In these fugue states, I alternate between depressed and blue, to cranky with a capital CRANK. 

I walked and stuff bubbled up - I guess I'm still really mad at that girl who gave me the fucking plastic moose.  TW hit the nail on the head in the comments - I feel like I'm not heard.  My preferences have value, but people run roughshod over them.  It isn't THAT GIRL so much, that incident is just one example of a bigger thing that's bugging me.  But I'm going to stop taking that kind of behavior from people.  I'm learning.  I'm an old dog, but still learning.

I walked a long way.  Through a campground, but no pictures of that because it's just parking spaces.  I wished I had firewood with me, a daytime fire at a campground sounds like a good time.

I need to remember to get outside - both outside of my own head, and outside in nature.  Remind me next time I get cranky.  Altho if you tell me to go exercise I'm apt to give you this look:


  1. How be I just say, "Gladys, get your ass outside." None of that exercise shit!

    I have trouble outside because I often encounter the human race. I fucking hate the human race! All the years of shit taking are coming home to roost and I'm rapidly losing my filter and tolerance for bull shit. I'm also deaf which makes me REALLY loud. All-in-all a dangerous combination!

    I'll stay inside. You can go outside for me.

  2. Isn't it nice to just get outside where there's no people? (I've been spending a lot of time outside but not introspective time-dealing with snow/cold time.) I couldn't live where there's a lot of people anymore-that would make me absolutely crazy(ier?). The older I get the more I prefer animals (wild or domestic) over people.
    Have you seen that woman since the "Shitting Moose" mess? I'm wondering if she apologized.

  3. She won't apologize TW cuz she thinks she's so goddamn clever.

  4. I'm actually going to see her tonite. I'm being the designated driver for the evening. And I will bet all of y'all a fiver each that she tries to give me $5 for gas. And I am going to LOSE MY MIND. I am already totally fucking MAD about it and it hasn't even happened yet. To PAY me for being your friend - I mean, buy all my sodas! bring me brownies! Oh hell. Maybe I should just take the $5 and put it all on the craps table in vegas, big spender that I am.

    I hate NYE - anybody else? I wish we had never said we would go to this party! I'd rather be partying with all the ULBs - we could have band practice!

  5. You be missing my NYE speedo dance.

  6. ^ both of you....
    Gladys, Thanks for the reminder. As my late DH always said, "If ya don't want the answer, don't ask the question." I'm not gonna ask.
    And q? I'm not gonna tell......! ;)